08 Jun

Why do people take Xanax for recreational purposes?

Xanax is normally prescribed for unusual amounts of anxiety and panic attacks. It is a very useful drug for this purpose and works on the central nervous system. This is a benzodiazepine and it acts extremely fast. In fact, within minutes, it is said to ease severe distress as well as help to prevent panic attacks. However, due to the sedative effect of these drugs, they are attractive to users of recreational drugs. People like the calm feeling they experience and the lazy lethargy that it accompanies. They purchase Xanax to get into a calm, relaxed mood and to literally slow down things.

How do people get hold of Xanax?

women holding xanax tablet bottle in her handThe government is extremely strict about the possession of Xanax. Due to the addictive effects as well as potential abuse and the serious repercussions it could cause, the government has labeled Xanax as a Schedule IV drug. The reason is that Xanax is extremely beneficial to those who need it but at the same time, it should not fall into the wrong hands. However, people both legitimate users as well as recreational users; find various ways and means to circumvent the system – especially since this cannot be bought without a prescription.

The users obtain Xanax by:

  1. Getting a doctor to prescribe Xanax
  2. Getting it from their friends and acquaintances
  3. Stealing it from friends or from their family members
  4. Buying it illegally. Either through drug peddlers, street dealers, foreign markets and online suppliers
  5. Forging medical prescriptions.
  6. Visiting numerous doctors and thus get valid prescriptions from all of them

How is Xanax taken by recreational users?

Xanax is either consumed orally or usually, it is grinded and the powder is snorted. This way there are chances that more than the recommended doses are consumed and absorbed by the body and hence the chances of overdosing, abuse and addiction are heightened. As the pill acts fast and it also clears the system very quickly, these recreational users tend to keep taking this so their high is prolonged. This result in the brain adjusting to the chemical changes and so, more of the drug is required in order for the same level of sedation to be achieved.

Why is Xanax taken for recreational purposes?

Xanax, unlike other recreational drugs, does not give a typical high or a sense of euphoria or even a rush. All it does is it makes the user feel really cozy as well as comfortable. When a lot is consumed, the user falls asleep and has a good nap. However, those who consume the drug for recreational purposes normally pair it up with a cocktail or some other drug or something else so that they get into a state of deep relaxation. However, these mixes are very dangerous and can even prove lethal in some cases. It causes amnesia and blackouts and in extreme cases, may result in overdosing and death.