14 Jul

Why do my food taste bad while I’m on Xanax? Is there a solution to this?

man eating healthy foodsIt is incredibly true that my food taste’s bad when you take Xanax pills. It could be probably due to the active ingredient in Xanax which is Alprazolam. Alprazolam is actually very psychoactive as it belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. And because of the dynamic constituent, the taste buds become bitter which makes us feel terribly horrendous no matter what type of food we consume.

The varied components in Xanax adds to its acrid taste

Xanax comprises of a number of constituents both active and inactive. The active ingredient is the alprazolam while the inactive ingredients are cellulose, docusate sodium, magnesium stearate, sodium benzoate, corn starch, silicon dioxide and lactose. All of these components get mixed together to form a sour taste that makes your mouth to have an unpleasant flavor.

The taste also differs on the chemical formulations made by different pharma companies. If you have any substance that is similar enough to our own endogenous communication molecules in the body to interact with the corresponding receptor, the taste can immediately set off an alarm, a taste so bad that you immediately want to throw or spit off the pill right away.

This is where the category of benzodiazepine lies (Xanax), which is similar to those of the endogenous substances, binding to the same site and thus setting of a signal when you encounter a bad taste.

How to make your escape with the bitter taste of Xanax?

Well, with the awful tang of this medicine, you might feel very uncomfortable to take in any food after you consume Xanax. Your mouth becomes sour and you might look for a narrow escape. But, when you have no other choice except to buy Xanax and take the medical course, you could possibly look for an alternative solution so as to do away with what your taste buds do not like, the bitter flavor.

You can take the help of any health care professional or a reputed pharmacist in order to receive proper suggestions for taking Xanax so as to not feel the unpleasant taste. You can also try some home stuff like your kitchen ingredients along with the medicine so that the food you take later will not make you feel bad or awful.

Certain simple solutions to help you cope with the bad taste of food when you take Xanax

  • You can help yourself by consuming the pill along with any of this kitchen stuff so as to enable you to avoid having trouble with taste when you take in food.
  • You can sprinkle sugar over the tablet so that the sweetness helps you to get rid of the bitter taste
  • Consider drinking a full glass of any fresh juice so that you are relieved of the weird taste
  • Chew in a few candies after taking Xanax and food.
  • Take mint flavored supplements so as to help you in digesting the pill and to do away with the nasty taste
  • You can also have some green tea or diet coke after taking Xanax so that by the time you take some food, you will gradually forget the bad taste the pill left in your mouth.