15 Jun

What are the long-term effects of Xanax in the human brain?

The first long-term brain effect of Xanax that needs mention is memory impairment. Xanax affects the short term memory of an individual. The reason behind this is the decreased level of concentration and attention.

illustration of long term effects of xanax in human brainXanax hyperpolarizes the neurons or brain cells. These hyperpolarized neurons have a very slow and reduced firing activity. That is why the brain regions are turned down and the calm and relaxing effect is achieved. When you have a long-term consumption of Xanax, the brain cells adjust to this activity.

Therefore, the brain becomes prepared to shoot back as usual or as normal, as soon as the effect of Xanax is stopped. Hence, after long term abuse, when Xanax is stopped taking, intense anxiety, high blood pressure, seizures and shaking of the body occur.

Psychological long-term effects of Xanax

Psychological long term effect of Xanax is the problem with coordination. When you have been taking Xanax for a long time, it will prohibit you from coordinating with any of your works. The coordination problems can be seen even in smallest of daily activities.

Suicidal thoughts, taking risks, indulging in unsafe sex, driving recklessly and fighting with loved ones etc. become common for the person. These are ideas that one would not do normally, but while taking Xanax, these psychological behaviors and decisions are common for the person to take.

In many cases, hallucination, delusion etc. also persist. Paranoia and a psychological dependence develop on Xanax. This leads to a sense of confusion and detachment with the reality.

Use and abuse of Xanax

Xanax, just like any other benzodiazepine, is highly habit forming and addicting. Hence, Xanax for recreational use can have long lasting and serious side effects on the brain, body and the overall being. It is never recommended that Xanax is used for more than 6 weeks at a stretch, even with the permission of a doctor. Still, most consumers are seen to get refills of this drug at an alarming rate.

Most people, who purchase Xanax and consume the drug are addicted to this drug, have the prescription and even, have the prescriptions refilled with the doctor’s permission. They think that longer dosage will give them a long lasting effect. However, when they try to stop it, the initial discomforts, anxiety disorders and symptoms of dependency occur and they cannot do without this drug.

It is often too late when they realize that the drug has had its toll on the consumer. Many a time, the youngsters and teens are addicted and dependent on this drug as they take the drug from a friend, without a prescription and become dependent on it.


There are many other symptoms and signs and behavioral changes that can be seen in a person, due to the long term use of Xanax. If you or your loved ones are experiencing any of these symptoms or if anything wrong in her behavior is found, seek medical attention at once, before the condition aggravates and becomes detrimental.