14 Jul

What are the effects of Xanax on the memory of a person?

xanax tablet in human brainXanax has been on the market since 1976, so definitely it is one of the drugs that is studied most. The memory effects of Xanax is channeled due to its direct action on the brain. This drug belongs to benzodiazepine family, who has known for adverse side effects. But the fact is a controlled usage of the drug is almost same and has least of no effects over the memory, whereas with long term users the story is different, many reports of cognitive, behavioral and logic impairment have been reported.

The drug has sedative-hypnotic, anxiolytic as well as anti-conversant effects over its user. So, one must be careful known to make sure that the dosage is always under the control and not exceeded from the doctor’s prescription while buying Xanax for their treatments.

Most common memory effects were seen among Xanax users

Amnesia or memory loss was one important effect of the drug on its user which triggered some studies to be conducted regarding the matter. Other than that difficulty in using language was also noted. Speech slurring was the after effect of the fore mentioned symptom. Another major memory effect among Xanax users would be forgetting things from short term memory or it is basically the hole in short term memory pocket. Cortex is the short term center of the brain where Xanax users seem to have to break chemical signaling in the neuron interconnection and their signal transport. Let us see the memory aftermath of the medication in detail.

  • Amnesia: It is memory loss either short term or long term in nature, but the later one is very rare and happens only with Xanax abusers. In 1994 a group researchers conducted an experiment among the Xanax users, who take the drug under the strict supervision of a doctor experienced a difficulty in recalling a word assigned to them a couple of months back, whereas controls did fine. They termed this memory loss as anterograde amnesia.
  • Memory gain: On a short-term basis, use of the drug might help in gaining memory. It was seen in a study with a group of 64 volunteers, where half of the population was given the drug and rest half with a placebo. Significant changes in the first group support the short memory gain in users.
  • Language sluggishness: This was often associated with abusers and with people who had strong tolerance to the drug. These group of users have broken the specified timeline for safe usage of the drug and classified as long-term drug users. They have an impaired speech ability due to difficulty in recalling words which happen due to altered brain signaling.

So always be careful about the term of usage and make sure that you follow your doctor suggestions and orders word by word.

Efficacy of Xanax

On a broad aspect, the efficacy of Xanax on memory can be classified as short-term effects as well as long-term effects. In most cases, only short effects are common since the therapeutic prescription is always under a Doctor’s supervision and are preferred in most cases to treat anxiety related disorders. Long-term users are comparably low but have a high risk of memory impairment and addiction. Some of the most reported memory effects of Xanax include amnesia, memory gain, and formation of new memory etc. Let us cut down the heart to learn some more.