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Though you can access most of the blogs without getting registered to us, to make use of specialized features you are supposed to create an account. In this situation, it becomes mandatory to provide certain details to the site. According to our terms and condition you should only offer genuine information to the website.

People are supposed to keep their passwords protected. We would not take any responsibility for credential leak from your side.

You have to consider the content and information in the site for only educational purpose. Our intension is only to offer knowledge about the medical ailments, drugs and other treatment options. There is no aim to provide medical advice to our readers. So, you are not supposed to consider this as a doctor consultation or physician’s opinion. Consuming the tablets just after reading the blogs and assuming that you suffer from a condition is not advised. We are not questionable in this situation at any cost.

Certain content in the website might not be suitable for people whose age is 18 years or below. So it is better to avoid creating an account in the website if you do not fit in an eligible age category.

The information, images, graphics and texts that are provided in the website should not be used for any business purposes. This site owns a copyright for it so misusing the content leads to violation of the law.

In situations where the readers use pornographic or abusive content we would have the right to delete their account permanently. This action is taken in order to avoid nuisance to other readers.

Although our experts have created the content after complete research on the topics but we would still not claim it to be 100% accurate one. This is only due to the frequent update in the medical world.

This website would update the terms and conditions clause from time to time without giving a notice. So you have to take up the responsibility to visit the page often to stay updated. As soon as the terms and conditions are launched it might come into practice though you have read it or not. Using the site claims that you follow our clause. To unfollow the clauses, you are supposed to stop utilizing this website in the future.

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