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We have seen that only limited number of online Xanax pharmacies are offering 24/7 customer care solutions. So we have planned to start the 24/7 friendly customer support services to answer your queries at all times.

You can directly contact our friendly customer care team by utilizing the given contact details. And we will take your queries as the first priority to serve you better.

Also, kindly fill the form additionally because sometimes if our direct email care or mobile care is busy may be our email experts will assist you through the mail conversations.

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  • We are available 24/7 so you can contact us anytime.
  • If one type of communication is busy go for the second one.
  • If still you didn’t get any response kindly give us some time to revert back to you. Becuase sometimes our entire team is busy with multiple customers at the peak time. Once we free we will call you back from our end.
  • While sending the queries to mention your need and order number in the subject.
  • While the contact form inquiry we are collecting email only to send the reply directly to your email. And you will receive the email only from the same ““. Don’t give any personal details or information if anyone contacts you with other email id’s. If it so we are not responsible for your personal detail information.

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116 Broadway # 130
Passaic, NJ 07055.


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Our spam filters automatically filter the spam emails and while the review our team also will move the unwanted emails to the spam folders. Those senders email id’s will be added to the block list. So you can’t contact us again. So, Kindly utilize our contact team in a proper way and spammers just stay away!