Privacy Statement

The user visiting and accessing our information implies that they trusting our site. And we do provide our best and to track best selling of our product or dosage we are in need of our customer’s details and their visit. Also, their visit insists our responsibility in protecting their information and details they provide us. Also to offer the best level of service we follow a practice of maintaining to protect a certain page of us. Thus to avail our service we need our users to follow the access as per our policy. Thus we also control them with these policies to present our service at the best.

The kind of information we collect from our customer

The visitors are not recommended to submit any information they can visit and use the information without providing any details. However, they will receive a pop up notification to register with us. If you desire then your basic details of identification will be received from us. The user wishing to make a purchase will be requested to fill the mandatory forms including the product purchase detail form, delivery service form, payment form, and submission which collects a lot of information all this will be collected from our side. Also, we include contact us form which also requires your registered email id and identity details where you can drop your comments.

Also, we include cookies which inspects your entry every time and if desired the user can use it to save their username and password to help them make easy access.

Thus we collect from our users in different forms.

How we use our information

All such information collected from our user will be processed under a secured and in a confidential environment. All the details will be stored in a unique database. This collection is then separated into folders. The personal identification detail comprising the name and contact details such as phone number and email id. Our services and product information will be sent to the registered details. Also, the contact details will be shared with our delivery support team. The queries and feedback submitted to us will be handled by our support team with sending you a relevant reply. The payment page information will never be saved and is your password. All this will be done in an SSL secured page which will encrypt all the information.

The user is not requested to share any confidential information in comments and feedback which we didn’t consider much effort in securing the information. All this page is not as secure as our payment page.

Security of the data

The server security is assured with SSL protection. The third party entry without our knowledge will be trapped and sealed using web security tool. Also, we include software preventing the viruses thus some of the user’s account will be blocked from registering. We by our knowledge will not sell or share your personal and other details with others.

Modifying your data

The data you provide us will not be altered or hacked at any time. But once the user deletes their account immediately their details will be trashed and removed permanently from our system. Under legal compliance and verification, we have to present the database that we have. Under any such judiciary activity, we will enclose your details to them under the law.