Protecting the information of our readers is very much important for us. This is why we have created one of the best privacy policies in the world. We can help you to safeguard your information however this does not apply if you reveal your details to other. In fact, we are the best in what we do however we would not give any guarantee regarding this.

What details do we collect?

We would collect basic personal details like phone number, name, email address and much more. These are collected so that you can register yourself to this website. However, you can as well use the content up to certain level without any registration. It becomes very essential for us to collect the information in the similar manner we also have a separate team to handle these details. Safeguarding this information is our duty to some extent.

Not only these personal information but we would also collect some of the non-personal details. Whenever you visit our site the cookies are gathered. This gives us the details about your requirements thus provides better search option. The topics that you are interested in pops up first and help you to gather more knowledge through the blogs without much search.

How to stop us from gathering information?

Though we have set up a great privacy policy it does not mean that we did not give you an option to choose from. If you do not want us to collect the cookies then you can definitely block this action. You have to go to the settings and do the changes accordingly.

This might not be needed as we are getting only non-personal details. However, the choice is up to you only.  In the similar manner, you need not have to register to the site by providing your personal details. You can simply use the website without an account. However there is a disadvantage in it as you would not be able to use the content to the fullest.

From whom do we protect the reader’s information?

We would protect the details from intruders and third parties. This site gets updated very frequently. Thanks to the technology which makes our network strong. Our IT experts deny the misuse of these details by other parties. In fact, intruding our network by them is nearly impossible. However, we cannot take any responsibility for information leakage at any point of time.

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