24 Aug

Price Comparison between different colors of Xanax

various colors of xanax tabletsBuyers can buy Xanax online in different dosage strengths. One of the forms that the drug comes in is tablet formulation. Each different dosage tablet of the Xanax comes in different colors and obviously, the price also varies between different dosages of the pills. This article is dedicated to providing the price of various Xanax colors.

Price of white Xanax

The white color pill is a 0.25 mg dose pill which in other words means it has 25 mg of the active ingredient Alprazolam. This is actually the lowest dose that this pill comes in. This pill is oval in shape. People who generally suffer from occasional bouts of anxiety are the ones that are prescribed to buy Xanax. 1 tablet of 0.25 mg of the drug can be purchased from a cheap internet pharmacy at a price ranging from $2.70 to $12.00.

Price of white Xanax bars

White Xanax bars are the long bar-shaped tablets that come with 3 scored lines. This tablet is a 2 mg dose but can be split into 4 0.25 mg tablets with the help of a pill splitter. The price of 2 mg white Xanax bars is $2.64 to $15. So if you are prescribed with a lower dose, you can save a ton of money by buying 2 mg from a discount online pharmacy and splitting the pill based on your required dosage. But make sure to only take the dosage that is prescribed to you exactly because with this drug there is a risk of physical dependency.

Price of yellow and green Xanax pills

Yellow and green Xanax pills are also 2 mg Xanax bars but these pills are not manufactured by the brand name company. They are rather manufactured by other generic companies but nevertheless are FDA approved. Hence the price would pretty much be same as the brand drugs. The exact price, however, depends on the company that manufactured the drug. The drug imprints on the pill also vary with manufacturers. But the efficiency of these pills is equivalent to the brand version in all aspects.

Price of pale blue Xanax

Pale blue Xanax contains 1 mg of alprazolam and it is given for people who regularly suffer from anxiety. This tablet is also oval in shape and comes with a scored line right in the middle to facilitate easy splitting of the pill. If you require lower dosage you can easily split the pill into two. The cost of this dosage of the drug ranges $2.67 to $9.00 in US online pharmacy.

Price of orange Xanax

This color represents 0.5 mg Xanax pills. These tablets are also oval in shape and they are scored in the middle which means even this tablet can be split into two pieces. Do bear in mind that only scored tablets are splittable. If you want to split unscored tablets you must first check with your doctor. Very mild anxiety cases will get prescribed to buy 0.5 mg of the drug. The price of orange Xanax is $2 to $12 in the online pharmacy.