Possessing valium without a prescription is illegal in many countries because valium is a controlled substance. People who illegally possess valium can incur strict penalties that subject the person to either imprisonment or fine. The reason being, misuse or unauthorized use of valium can result in overdose or accidental death. One will not just incur legal consequences but also health consequences by getting valium without a valid prescription.

Will everyone be penalized for valium without prescription?

Absolutely! The doctors or nurses who issue valium without prescription or with a fake online prescription and the person who administers valium without prescription are all subjected to violation of federal law. Any act stated below is all punishable by law.

  • Forging a valium prescription
  • Impersonating a doctor
  • Modifying a valium prescription
  • Obtaining a prescription from unauthorized persons

Medical professional who prescribes valium without any serious or particular reason will also perjure themselves in the process and will be eligible for punishment.

What is length of the punishment?

doctor showing the banned RxThe length and the type of the punishment depend on the amount of the valium drug possessed and the number of times the offender has committed the crime. Since valium falls under the category of schedule IV controlled substances, possessing it illegally can cause imprisonment for up to 1 year in most of the countries. If the court decides to lay a fine then the fine amount will be thousands of dollars.
Intentional misuse of valium leading to overdose is also a punishable offence but since the patient needs an external help, the punishment will be a bit lenient in this case. But this applies to only first time offenders. If the offenders repeat this again, they will suffer stringent punishment. Overdose cases are usually referred to a rehabilitation facility and the participation is compulsory.
The best to know about the punishment is to discuss with a criminal lawyer about your case Provided that the lawyer knows the rules and regulations of your state, because, in certain countries like USA, the drug enforcement law is different from state to state.

Ways to minimize the risk of buying valium with a fake prescription

An individual usually procures valium easily without a prescription by approaching on online pharmacy. There a few authentic online pharmacies that provides valium prescription only after stringent medical analysis of the patient via an in-house online doctor. Other online pharmacies provide valium prescription by faking the already existing prescriptions on the internet and producing their own prescription by editing the medicine name and dosage. Among both the approaches there is no way to know which approach an online pharmacy is following. But many people can have a minimized risk of getting a fake prescription for valium by choosing only authentic and licensed online pharmacies. Some research can be performed to identify the authenticity of the website.
Then there is a third kind of online drug stores that issue cheap anti-anxiety pills like Xanax and valium without any doctor written prescription and without providing online prescription. These types of online pharmacies contain the highest risk factor and consumers should absolutely stay away from such pharmacies.
Before approaching a medical professional for a prescription, one can cross check and verify if the doctor is actually licensed and genuine.

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