10 Jun

Key factors to consider when taking Xanax

women taking xanax tabletYou are no more going to tolerate fear and panic that gave you sleepless nights. You got to know that using Xanax can keep you away from facing such embarrassing situation. Before jumping to any conclusions, read about the important information on Xanax as follows

Who are the usual consumers for Xanax?

The pill is usually prescribed by the physicians and people prefer to buy Xanax online to overcome the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and sleep-related disorders.

What will Xanax make you feel like?

The pill gives both positive and negative feelings. It reduces the anxiety and creates a euphoric and pleasurable state of mind. It helps the brain to calm down and fall asleep quickly after taking the drug. It reduces the level of consciousness, pace of movements and speech.

How does Xanax manipulate your brain?

Alprazolam is the active ingredient in Xanax that belongs to the group of benzodiazepines. Chemically it is a triazolo analog of 1, 4-benzodiazepine. The drug enhances the ability of GABA to bind to the GABA receptors in the brain. These receptors allow the chloride ions to pass through the channels in the nerves. The influx of the chloride ions into the nerves and an increase in the chloride ion concentration block the action potential. The excitability of the nerves is brought down and keeps the brain calm.

When can you expect Xanax to be effective?

The pill begins to act in just 15-30 minutes and the drug continues to be effective for the next few hours. However, the timeline is subject to variation depending on the age and weight of the individual taking Xanax.

What is the safe dose of Xanax?

To get maximum benefits while avoiding the side effects, stick to the dosage in the prescription. The physicians generally prescribe 0.5 mg tablets for 3-4 times a day. The maximum dose you can take in one day should not exceed 3-6 mg. People taking self-medication prefer to take Xanax 2mg once in the morning.

What should you do if you miss a dose?

If you have forgotten to take a dose of Xanax, take the pill as soon as you remember. However, if the time elapses is close to the next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next dose as usual.

What should you do if you take an extra dose?

If you happen to take an extra dose of Xanax by mistake, you can feel confusion, drowsiness, weakness, unsteadiness, and fainting. Consult the physician if the symptoms do not appear to fade away or you are unable to handle the situation.

Can you drink alcohol after taking the medication?

Like other drugs in Benzodiazepine group, the effects of the pill is enhanced in the presence of alcohol. To be on safe side, alcohol must be avoided while using Xanax. In case, you happen to take both of them unknowingly, avoid getting involved in actions that require your brain to be alert.

Can you drink grape juice after taking the pill?

The answer is no. Grape juice can increase the availability of the drug in the blood. If you happen to take both together, you are likely to end up with long term side effects of Xanax.

Will you become addictive to Xanax?

Not necessarily but there is a fair chance of getting addicted to Xanax. The users agree that they take another pill as soon as the effects of medicine fade away to maintain the euphoric state. Such actions can cause addiction to the drug to the extent that they are unaware of taking the medicine daily. It poses the risk of addiction in long run.

Before beginning the use of Xanax pills, it is wise to sit back and weigh the necessity over the chances of addiction. If you feel that you cannot avoid it, make use of benefits judiciously under the supervision of a physician.