man showing valium tablet bottlesAnxiety disorder is a condition which is required to get treatment at a proper time. Whilst taking the anti-anxiety medication symptoms, might get worse or lead to unwanted negative effects. Anxiety is common for all and it is good for a certain limit. The patients with this condition suffer from anxiety daily which would affect the performance in studies or job. Among various drugs for treating anxiety disorder, there are two medications that are noted by many in the world. Being very effective on the condition, the patients always line up to buy it. Xanax and Valium are those anti-anxiety medications.

Valium vs Xanax

Though both the drugs belong to the same class of medication called as benzodiazepine, there are many differences between them. valium is the brand name of diazepam whereas Xanax is the brand name of Alprazolam. Valium drug is available in the market in tablet and liquid form whereas Xanax is available only in a tablet form. Considering the habit forming nature in the drug, Xanax is at high risk of addiction or substance abuse compared to the valium medication which is less addictive. The former would take time to show its effectiveness on anxiety disorder but when it is active, the biological half-life is up to twenty to hundred hours but Xanax gives you relief for only 11 hours. One of the benefits of using valium is that, when taking this drug for a condition with a right dose, it will help the person to overcome the situation easily. A single small dose of this medication won’t cause any withdrawal symptoms to an individual. Valium works on the patients by modifying the chemical that causes anxiety disorder whereas Xanax works by depressing the brain which in turn affects the ability of the brain to send neurons. When this is slowed, a calm and peace mind would be achieved by the person. Valium can be combined with other medications if instructed by the doctor but Xanax should not be taken with other drugs as it would lead to dangerous effects.

Which medication is ideal to treat anxiety disorder?

The answer depends on the health care professional. They would evaluate the severity of this condition in you and based on that, the drug would be prescribed. Valium would be given to most of the patients to treat safely. When they don’t find it effective on anxiety disorder, the doctor would prescribe Xanax. So it is wise not to treat yourself and it is important to ask help from the doctor. Valium and Xanax would act in its own way on the disorder hence you would not be knowing what medications suits you the best. There is a better option, before purchasing the drug online; you can consult with the doctor online. This would clear the confusion before ordering the drug through a legitimate online pharmacy. You can continue the medication till the duration that is prescribed and get rid of this anxiety disorder.

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