13 Jul

How effective is Xanax in treating agoraphobia?

white color xanax 0.25 mg tabletsXanax, one of the most popular benzodiazepines, has many medical uses. The anti-anxiety medication can help in controlling and treating panic attacks. Alprazolam is quick-acting and has a short half-life. The drugs’ effects for panic attacks are such that it can be consumed at the onset of the attack, which can be prevented from becoming a full-blown episode.

This nature of Xanax is why it is prescribed by many healthcare professionals to bring down panic attacks and anxiety. The orally administered pills may be taken in the either immediate release form as a compressed tablet (CT) or as an extended release (Xanax XR) version. The best outcomes are possible when the benzodiazepine is taken with the help of a healthcare professional.

Agoraphobia and Xanax

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is associated with panic attacks. It is a condition wherein the person is unable to function in an environment that he or she considers as dangerous. These could be any large public space or any social environment. Being in such situations can trigger a panic attack. Persons for whom the condition is very severe may not be able to even step out of their houses or there are of residence without undergoing severe bouts of anxiety or experiencing a panic attack.

The condition may be triggered due to any reasons, but it takes time and continuous therapy to get over the problem. One of the medications used to help persons diagnosed with this disorder Xanax. Before buying Xanax online for agoraphobia, learn how it can help or affect the disorder.

Using Xanax for agoraphobia treatment

Compared to other benzodiazepines, this is the drug of choice for treating symptoms of agoraphobia. The drug is highly effective in controlling the anxiety and panic attacks in agoraphobic patients. Whenever they are experiencing a bad episode they can take a single dose of the pill to bring it under control. The condition of agoraphobia cannot be cured with just Xanax and the drug is used only when other techniques do not help.

The main treatment provided for people with agoraphobia is cognitive behavioral therapy, which can be supplemented with the Xanax pills. The healthcare provider will prescribe the lowest dose to see the response to the drug therapy and then increase the dose if required.

During the phase of the cognitive behavioral therapy, it is important for the patient to be able to cope with the panic disorder symptoms without the use of Xanax. Otherwise, the popping of pills for longer or more than the recommended limit can result in psychological and physical dependence and Xanax addiction.

The therapist uses techniques to limit the use of drugs during an episode and also to overcome the problem completely. The pill should never be consumed without the advice of the doctor. Persons with a history of drug or alcohol abuse are not prescribed to take Xanax for the agoraphobia symptoms. The drug is also discontinued only with a tapered dose that is monitored by the doctor. With limited use, Xanax is very effective in providing short-term relief in persons with agoraphobia.