13 Jul

How addictive is Xanax? What are the addiction treatments available for Xanax?

doctor conducting outpatient and inpatient treatment programXanax medication becomes addictive when it is misused. Sources says that Xanax drug can cause addiction, intolerant and dependent towards the drug if it is taken in large quantity than the prescribed dosage or when it is used for long period. The drug can be abused for those who seek the drug for sedative purposes. The worst part is that, even persons who are under Xanax drug medication as directed by the physician can become addictive towards the drug.

Effects of Xanax (Alprazolam)

When you buy Xanax and consume the medicine for prolonged period or overdose, the drug will likely to get some adverse side effects. This drug is a central nervous system depressant, so that the drug slows down the person’s mental and physical health. Most common effects that are found due to Xanax abuse can be listed as below:

  • Garbled Speech
  • Lack of concentration and coordination
  • Confused mind
  • Lack of Decision making
  • Blurred vision

Do not consume alcohol when you are under medication of Xanax drug. When both depressants are taken at the same time, it could worsen the situation which leads to coma, injury or sometimes causes death.

Over dosage of Xanax drug can cause severe sedation which lasts for 3 to 4 days. It could also cause short – term memory loss for few patients.

Xanax drug Addiction treatment

Persons who are likely to have addiction or dependence towards the drug must seek medical assistance immediately. Do not stop the medication suddenly as it may cause withdrawal reactions too. Based on the dependence level of the patient towards the drug, period of addiction, Xanax drug addiction treatment can be made in two ways: Inpatient treatment Program and Outpatient treatment Program.

Inpatient Treatment Program:

Various drug abuse treatment centers can help in treating the patient’s addiction in a persuasion free environment and full time guidance. Those center members will assist people to come out of their withdrawal effects and give right medication for detoxification process so as to clear the drug from the patient’s body.

Outpatient Treatment Program:

People who are not comfortable with the Inpatient program, they can undergo the Xanax treatment from their home itself. In this method a daily check is made by a counselor. And few visits to the centers are needed to attend the behavioral therapy sessions and to attend lectures about recovery process.  Mostly reports say that 12 step meeting with the counselor can get you successful results.