13 Jul

Can Xanax be used in pets? Does the dosage differ?

dog with xanax 1mg and 0.5 mg tablet boxGenerally, Xanax is used to treat panic and anxiety disorder and various phobias in humans. Xanax is sometimes used on cats too. It has a sedating and tranquilizing effect and therefore it is very resourceful in treating dogs and cats with panic and anxiety.

Xanax is an effective drug as it does not affect the motor skills of the animals at lower doses, and therefore, considered safer than Valium. But it might at times cause an opposite effect. When used to treat aggressive dogs, it might turn out to increase aggression in some cases.

There are natural alternatives for pets and that should be tried on pets first and if it doesn’t work then the master can think of treating the animal with these drugs. Purchasing Xanax online is usually safe and effective and when consumed brings a calming effect on the pet.

Uses of Xanax in pets

Alprazolam has various uses and effects on dogs and cats. Most of all the various treating problems Xanax is associated with are: stimulating appetite, aggression, panic, phobia for thunder and storms and all types of anxiety which are general and separation anxiety. And also used as a muscle relaxant and to treat depression and irritable bowel syndrome. Even though Xanax was designed for human use it is widely prescribed by vets because of its effectiveness and safety.

Xanax Dosage for pets

This drug is supposed to be a prescription medicine and should not be given for pets without a doctor’s advice. The acknowledged dosages for pets include:

  • For small size dogs: For every six to twelve hours, 0.005-0.045 mg/lb. orally
  • For medium size dogs: For every six to twelve hours, 1-2 mg/lb. orally

Masters should never exceed the daily dose limit of 4 mg for any dog, whatever their weight may be. There are different amounts of Xanax dosage for pets with regards to what we are treating them for.

The lists of Xanax doses to treat common problems in pets:

Phobias / night walking (mg/lb.)


Separation anxiety (mg/lb.) General anxiety


Thunder or Storm Anxiety (mg/lb.)
Dose levels 0.005-0.045 0.12-0.9 0.005-0.045 0.01-0.18
Time or intervals Every six to twelve hours Thrice daily Thrice daily Every 4 hours as per requirement
Type Orally Orally Orally Orally

But with the usage of Xanax, the pet’s eyes have to be checked regularly and any yellow coloration in the eye will have to be reported immediately to vet as it is essentially a sign of liver damage.  The side effects that can be caused by this drug are Loss of coordination, Increase in appetite, drowsiness and tired feeling. CNS and liver problems are reported very rarely.

Precautionary measures to take while using Xanax in pets

Precautionary measures include, it should never be used on animals with hypersensitivity, muscular weakness, and glaucoma and liver problems as it may induce Xanax reactions in pets. Hence before treating any animal with Xanax, it should be checked thoroughly with the vet and other medications taken by the animal have to be reported as there are chances for drug interactions.