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What are the effects of Xanax on the memory of a person?

Xanax and memory

xanax tablet in human brainXanax has been on the market since 1976, so definitely it is one of the drugs that is studied most. The memory effects of Xanax is channeled due to its direct action on the brain. This drug belongs to benzodiazepine family, who has known for adverse side effects. But the fact is a controlled usage of the drug is almost same and has least of no effects over the memory, whereas with long term users the story is different, many reports of cognitive, behavioral and logic impairment have been reported.

The drug has sedative-hypnotic, anxiolytic as well as anti-conversant effects over its user. So, one must be careful known to make sure that the dosage is always under the control and not exceeded from the doctor’s prescription while buying Xanax for their treatments.

Most common memory effects were seen among Xanax users

Amnesia or memory loss was one important effect of the drug on its user which triggered some studies to be conducted regarding the matter. Other than that difficulty in using language was also noted. Speech slurring was the after effect of the fore mentioned symptom. Another major memory effect among Xanax users would be forgetting things from short term memory or it is basically the hole in short term memory pocket. Cortex is the short term center of the brain where Xanax users seem to have to break chemical signaling in the neuron interconnection and their signal transport. Let us see the memory aftermath of the medication in detail.

  • Amnesia: It is memory loss either short term or long term in nature, but the later one is very rare and happens only with Xanax abusers. In 1994 a group researchers conducted an experiment among the Xanax users, who take the drug under the strict supervision of a doctor experienced a difficulty in recalling a word assigned to them a couple of months back, whereas controls did fine. They termed this memory loss as anterograde amnesia.
  • Memory gain: On a short-term basis, use of the drug might help in gaining memory. It was seen in a study with a group of 64 volunteers, where half of the population was given the drug and rest half with a placebo. Significant changes in the first group support the short memory gain in users.
  • Language sluggishness: This was often associated with abusers and with people who had strong tolerance to the drug. These group of users have broken the specified timeline for safe usage of the drug and classified as long-term drug users. They have an impaired speech ability due to difficulty in recalling words which happen due to altered brain signaling.

So always be careful about the term of usage and make sure that you follow your doctor suggestions and orders word by word.

Efficacy of Xanax

On a broad aspect, the efficacy of Xanax on memory can be classified as short-term effects as well as long-term effects. In most cases, only short effects are common since the therapeutic prescription is always under a Doctor’s supervision and are preferred in most cases to treat anxiety related disorders. Long-term users are comparably low but have a high risk of memory impairment and addiction. Some of the most reported memory effects of Xanax include amnesia, memory gain, and formation of new memory etc. Let us cut down the heart to learn some more.

14 Jul

Use of Xanax for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

Xanax for CINV

man vomitingNausea and vomiting are serious side effects of cancer chemotherapy that can cause significant negative impacts on patients’ quality of life. These side effects destroy their ability to tolerate and comply with therapy. Despite advances in the prevention and management of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), these side effects remain among the most distressing for patients. Patients suffer continuously sometimes even for a very long period after their therapy.

This all can be treated with the use of a drug like Xanax. It has worked for most of the people suffering from these harsh side effects of chemotherapy. This may also work for you. Doctors have been prescribing Xanax to patients suffering from CINV for some time now, and it seems that Xanax from reputed Xanax online pharmacies has worked for the majority of people who have taken it. Let’s see if this drug does really work on helping people destroy these ugly side effects of chemotherapy.

Does Xanax really work in treating nausea and vomiting?

Many doctors prescribe this drug to take care of patients who are suffering from CINV. They all can’t be wrong! But, still, there is a slight chance that this drug might not work. On the contrary, most patients are positive about using this drug for their treatment. These side effects can play havoc with a person’s life, and become the reasons behind a person’s decision to give up chemotherapy. It has come to the rescue, and it looks good on paper. Many reviews posted by real people on various blogs and other pages on the internet suggest that whenever they use Xanax to treat their CINV, the results were good. They feel optimistic about taking Xanax again if their symptoms come back. Many of them are confident about using it. Many patients talk about how they suffered from CINV at home and when they were taken to the ER, a shot of Xanax, made them feel better. This all indicates that the pill can be used to treat CINV in patients who are in chemo. Cancer itself is a very hard to disease to fight. CINV makes it even harder, and the person runs after solutions that can make this curse go away.

How good is Xanax compared to other drugs in treating nausea and vomiting?

There are a lot of drugs out there which are prescribed by the doctor to treat CINV. The drug is a very good choice to treat CINV. One of the main reasons to take Xanax is the fact that the user reviews and clinical trials are positive. All of this clearly suggests that the drug can be used to fight CINV. But, the decision is dependent on you, if you believe in any other drug that can solve the purpose for you then you should contact your doctor, and after seeing the pattern of your CINV, he’ll prescribe the required drug, and make you feel much better. So, you can stop worrying about the side effects of your therapy and again concentrate on treating your cancer, after taking this drug.

14 Jul

Top 5 differences between Xanax and Klonopin


Klonopin 1mg and xanax 1mg tabletAs people are looking for easy ways to get relief from anxiety, use of prescription medications like Xanax and Klonopin are on the rise. Some would be prescribed with buying Xanax whereas other would be prescribed with Klonopin medication. I am very sure that you would want to know about the difference between both the medications. The answer would help you to identify why your doctor prescribed a particular medication to you.

Medical conditions with Xanax and Klonopin

As I said earlier, both the Xanax and Klonopin medications are manufactured in order to treat conditions like anxiety disorder and panic attacks. The main difference between these two drugs is that Klonopin can also be taken to treat certain conditions like seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and Tourette syndrome.

Dosage strengths of Xanax and Klonopin

The dosage strength is which represents the amount of active ingredient in the drug. Available Xanax dosages are 0.25 mg, 1 mg, Xanax 2mg and 0.25mg. Klonopin is available in dosage strength like 0.125 mg, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg. These drugs are also available in extended release tablets and the dosage strength would vary among them.

Biological half-life of Xanax and Klonopin

Klonopin is found to produce a lasting effect on the body compared to the Xanax medication. The former gives you 30 to 40 hours of effect on the medical condition whereas the latter provides 11 to 12 hours. Depending on the medical need, your doctor would prescribe you with the necessary drug.

When can be Xanax or Klonopin taken?

Xanax has a faster onset of action when compared to Klonopin hence it can be used for the patients who experience panic attacks. Klonopin has a longer onset of action hence can be taken to treat the patients who are suffering from anxiety for a longer period of time. Xanax can be taken on as-needed basis whereas it would be very effective whilst taking Klonopin daily.

Price of Xanax and Klonopin

There would be slight variations in case of the price. The change of price of Xanax and Klonopin occurs depending upon where you buy pills from, whether you are buying a generic or brand variant of the drug and your insurance policy.

Understanding these differences would have helped you to comprehend why a particular drug is prescribed for you. The medico would have analyzed your health condition and would have chosen the best pill for you. Xanax would be prescribed to get faster effectiveness hence it would be prescribed to those who want to get immediate help from the condition. One such condition is panic attacks these are which need to be controlled immediately.

In other cases where a patient would require a longer effect on the condition to get treated in an efficient way, Klonopin would be prescribed. The dosage strength would also vary depending on certain factors. It is very important for you to take only the prescribed drug along with instructed dosage strength throughout the course of therapy. This would help you to get treated in a safer way, in turn, allowing you to get rid of the medical condition easily.

14 Jul

How Xanax 2 mg differs from 0.25 mg?

Xanax 2mg Vs 0.25mg

Xanax 0.25 and 2mg tabletsGenerally, doctors prescribe Xanax tablets in doses of 0.25 to 2 mg. While 0.25 mg of Xanax is the smallest dose available. As this drug quickly gets into the brain it starts its effect rapidly after taking and experts say the half life of the pill is short, that is, 6 to 20 hours. The lowest effective dose for short period of time minimizes drug dependence, tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. The dose of the drug usually depends on your age and the condition you are suffering. It must be taken as prescribed by your doctor.

How Xanax 2mg differs from Xanax .25 mg?

As Xanax 2 mg is stronger than 0.25 mg that means the effect of 2 mg is more and also has more risk of side effects. A smaller dose that is 0.25 mg allows the user to come off drug easily and also the person might not experience serious withdrawal symptoms. Due to its short half-life, it makes the drug exit the system in a day and this makes the drug addictive. Over the time of continuous usage of Xanax, people usually build up a tolerance. In this case, buying Xanax 2 mg pill is prescribed by the doctor as when the person gains tolerance and physical dependence for the pill, a higher dose is needed to achieve the desired effect so as to ease anxiety.

How much maximum dose can you take at once?

Only up to a maximum of 2 mg dose of the pill can be taken at one time that too only in the case when the person is tolerant for the medication because Xanax in large quantity may lead to numerous adverse effects like it may impair your balance and it becomes difficult to withdraw from the medicine.

How the effect of Xanax differ for each dosage strength?

The effectiveness also depends on the type and dosage of the medication. Xanax 0.25 mg tablet is a small oval shaped and white colored tablet while 2 mg tablet is a higher dose of the drug, it is in a shape of a rectangular bar of white color. The tablet has 4 tiny pieces which are separated by scores so if required you can split them. Snorting Xanax bar is dangerous and taking with alcohol causes severe withdrawal effects of xanax. Taking the pill post-delivery should only be in a reduced dose of 0.25mg. The quicker a drug works and makes you good and relaxed the more addicting it is in terms of the depressant effects it has on the brain.

Forms of Xanax in which both doses are available

It is available as immediate release tablet and extended-release tablet. It comes in 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg doses. Xanax 0.25 tablet contains 0.25 mg of alprazolam and 2mg tablet contains 2 mg of alprazolam as the active ingredient and it also contains several inactive ingredients. The dosage of 2.5 mg is the lowest dose available. The immediate release tablet of 0.25 mg Xanax can be used as a usual adult dose for anxiety and that is for 3 times a day. The dose may be gradually increased if needed and tolerated.

13 Jul

How effective is Xanax in treating agoraphobia?

Xanax for agoraphobia

white color xanax 0.25 mg tabletsXanax, one of the most popular benzodiazepines, has many medical uses. The anti-anxiety medication can help in controlling and treating panic attacks. Alprazolam is quick-acting and has a short half-life. The drugs’ effects for panic attacks are such that it can be consumed at the onset of the attack, which can be prevented from becoming a full-blown episode.

This nature of Xanax is why it is prescribed by many healthcare professionals to bring down panic attacks and anxiety. The orally administered pills may be taken in the either immediate release form as a compressed tablet (CT) or as an extended release (Xanax XR) version. The best outcomes are possible when the benzodiazepine is taken with the help of a healthcare professional.

Agoraphobia and Xanax

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is associated with panic attacks. It is a condition wherein the person is unable to function in an environment that he or she considers as dangerous. These could be any large public space or any social environment. Being in such situations can trigger a panic attack. Persons for whom the condition is very severe may not be able to even step out of their houses or there are of residence without undergoing severe bouts of anxiety or experiencing a panic attack.

The condition may be triggered due to any reasons, but it takes time and continuous therapy to get over the problem. One of the medications used to help persons diagnosed with this disorder Xanax. Before buying Xanax online for agoraphobia, learn how it can help or affect the disorder.

Using Xanax for agoraphobia treatment

Compared to other benzodiazepines, this is the drug of choice for treating symptoms of agoraphobia. The drug is highly effective in controlling the anxiety and panic attacks in agoraphobic patients. Whenever they are experiencing a bad episode they can take a single dose of the pill to bring it under control. The condition of agoraphobia cannot be cured with just Xanax and the drug is used only when other techniques do not help.

The main treatment provided for people with agoraphobia is cognitive behavioral therapy, which can be supplemented with the Xanax pills. The healthcare provider will prescribe the lowest dose to see the response to the drug therapy and then increase the dose if required.

During the phase of the cognitive behavioral therapy, it is important for the patient to be able to cope with the panic disorder symptoms without the use of Xanax. Otherwise, the popping of pills for longer or more than the recommended limit can result in psychological and physical dependence and Xanax addiction.

The therapist uses techniques to limit the use of drugs during an episode and also to overcome the problem completely. The pill should never be consumed without the advice of the doctor. Persons with a history of drug or alcohol abuse are not prescribed to take Xanax for the agoraphobia symptoms. The drug is also discontinued only with a tapered dose that is monitored by the doctor. With limited use, Xanax is very effective in providing short-term relief in persons with agoraphobia.

13 Jul

How addictive is Xanax? What are the addiction treatments available for Xanax?

Xanax addiction treatments

doctor conducting outpatient and inpatient treatment programXanax medication becomes addictive when it is misused. Sources says that Xanax drug can cause addiction, intolerant and dependent towards the drug if it is taken in large quantity than the prescribed dosage or when it is used for long period. The drug can be abused for those who seek the drug for sedative purposes. The worst part is that, even persons who are under Xanax drug medication as directed by the physician can become addictive towards the drug.

Effects of Xanax (Alprazolam)

When you buy Xanax and consume the medicine for prolonged period or overdose, the drug will likely to get some adverse side effects. This drug is a central nervous system depressant, so that the drug slows down the person’s mental and physical health. Most common effects that are found due to Xanax abuse can be listed as below:

  • Garbled Speech
  • Lack of concentration and coordination
  • Confused mind
  • Lack of Decision making
  • Blurred vision

Do not consume alcohol when you are under medication of Xanax drug. When both depressants are taken at the same time, it could worsen the situation which leads to coma, injury or sometimes causes death.

Over dosage of Xanax drug can cause severe sedation which lasts for 3 to 4 days. It could also cause short – term memory loss for few patients.

Xanax drug Addiction treatment

Persons who are likely to have addiction or dependence towards the drug must seek medical assistance immediately. Do not stop the medication suddenly as it may cause withdrawal reactions too. Based on the dependence level of the patient towards the drug, period of addiction, Xanax drug addiction treatment can be made in two ways: Inpatient treatment Program and Outpatient treatment Program.

Inpatient Treatment Program:

Various drug abuse treatment centers can help in treating the patient’s addiction in a persuasion free environment and full time guidance. Those center members will assist people to come out of their withdrawal effects and give right medication for detoxification process so as to clear the drug from the patient’s body.

Outpatient Treatment Program:

People who are not comfortable with the Inpatient program, they can undergo the Xanax treatment from their home itself. In this method a daily check is made by a counselor. And few visits to the centers are needed to attend the behavioral therapy sessions and to attend lectures about recovery process.  Mostly reports say that 12 step meeting with the counselor can get you successful results.

13 Jul

Efficacy of Xanax in treating symptoms of manic depression


man with manic depressionOne of the top benzodiazepines available today, Xanax has a number of uses that make the drug highly effective in treating various health conditions.

Bipolar disorder, known by many as manic-depressive disorder, is a condition that requires very specialized treatment services. The condition’s symptoms and response to drug therapy varies from individual to individual. Xanax is one of the most useful drugs available to treat certain symptoms of bipolar disorder.

The condition is very volatile and any mistake in the drugs prescribed can take the person to the other extreme. This is why many antidepressants are not prescribed for elevating depression in bipolar patients as it can trigger manic episodes for some. But with this anti-anxiety drug, when it is used right, some of the symptoms can be brought under control. More information regarding how Xanax is an effective drug for bipolar patients is given below.

How Xanax helps patients diagnosed with manic depression?

Bipolar disorder may be of two types, one where there is a constant cycle between the manic period and the depressive period, and the other where the depressive lasts longer than the manic period. For the first kind, the effect of Xanax for bipolar disorders is such that it helps to calm the agitated mind, clear the thought process, sleep better, and effectively controlling severe episodes of mania.

Patients who experience bouts of anxiety during this phase can also buy Xanax and consume the pill to bring down these symptoms. For the second kind of bipolar disorder, Xanax helps to reduce the constant flow of incoherent thoughts, lessen the thoughts of suicidal ideation, bring down the instances of crying spells and even take care of violent mood swings. All these various symptoms can be treated with the help of the drug.

These multiple benefits can be experienced only by getting the correct dosage information with the help of a healthcare provider. It is also important to monitor the changes in symptoms or drugs’ effects while taking Xanax.

Risks of using Xanax for manic depression

Although Xanax is a highly effective drug for manic depression, there are a few risks associated with taking the benzodiazepine for this condition. If the patient experiences the symptoms of mania then the drug should be discontinued immediately. This is possible in individuals who do not respond positively to the drug therapy. The typical side effects of using Xanax in breast feeding women also apply.

Since the drug has the potential for abuse, persons who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse can become addicted to it. The drug can also cause withdrawal symptoms if it is stopped without the assistance of a healthcare professional. Due to these factors, the benefits of using this pill over other drugs and the severity of the manic-depressive condition is assessed first before making the choice to get Xanax for treatment.

Moreover, the patient should undergo therapy other recuperative methods to supplement the treatment with Xanax. Doing all these with continuous monitoring of symptoms makes Xanax one of the best options for patients with bipolar disorder.

13 Jul

Do doctors prescribe Xanax for depression?

Xanax and depression

man taking xanax for depressionXanax (generic name: alprazolam) is chemically, benzodiazepine, which is known to regulate the unbalanced chemicals present in the brain that may be causing anxiety.  The effect of Xanax calms down the electrical excitement in the brain which imparts a sense of euphoria to the user.

Buying Xanax and consuming the drug has been approved for treatment of anxiety and related disorders and is available in tablet form and extended release. Often anxiety is linked to depression and doctor often prescribes Xanax for manic depression too. Since ever, the debate regarding whether anti-anxiety drugs (such as Xanax) alleviate or elevate depression is on fire and it becomes solely the decision of physician to prescribe Xanax for depression or not depending upon the individual’s conditions.

Does Xanax work for depression?

To understand the link between Xanax and depression, bring your ears to the physiology of depression and mechanism of action of the drug. Depression is a state of mind and body when there is an increased production or absorption of an important mood-regulating chemical in the brain called serotonin. Now, this unbalance is the root cause of depressed state which is accompanied by brain’s low activity, constant lethargic feeling and lack of motivation to perform daily tasks.

Xanax, on the other hand, is itself a depressant that relieves from anxiety by the depressing central nervous system, thereby imparting a calming effect to the person taking it. This mechanism might work for treatment of anxiety but not for depression because the physiological conditions that Xanax creates in the body are similar to that of a depressed state.

So, an already depressed person with low activity and in addition to Xanax’s action it can further worsen user’s condition as a too low state can actually be dangerous for the brain.

Why some doctors prescribe Xanax for depression?

Prescribing Xanax for depression is generally discouraged unless potential benefits outweigh risks since prolonged low activity state of the brain makes it struggle to be in a normal state. In such situations, the risk of falling into a coma, having impaired kidney, liver or other body organs is significantly increased.

The person may also become susceptible to permanent brain damage and other adverse effects such as insomnia, hypersomnia, abnormal fluctuations in appetite, suicidal thought, irritability and restlessness and so on depending upon the dosage of Xanax taken.

However, there is one possible condition when Xanax can be prescribed: if the depression is due to direct effect of any anxiety disorder since one of the symptoms (in fact side effect) of anxiety disorder may be short term or long term depression. So, hitting the cause is one thing that will probably be considered by the physician while deciding if the drug is to be prescribed for depression or not.

Final verdict on using Xanax for depression

It is quite contradictory how an anti-anxiety drug can actually treat one of the side effects of anxiety, which is depression. Therefore, no generalized statement can be claimed regarding if Xanax prescription for depression is a good option or not. Using it without a doctor’s prescription may cause Xanax addiction. The health care provider will have to first consider the signs, symptoms, and cause of depression and analyze the possible outcomes of administering Xanax. It would be good if both anxiety and depression can be cured by Xanax without adding on to miseries.

13 Jul

Can Xanax be used in pets? Does the dosage differ?

Xanax for Pets

dog with xanax 1mg and 0.5 mg tablet boxGenerally, Xanax is used to treat panic and anxiety disorder and various phobias in humans. Xanax is sometimes used on cats too. It has a sedating and tranquilizing effect and therefore it is very resourceful in treating dogs and cats with panic and anxiety.

Xanax is an effective drug as it does not affect the motor skills of the animals at lower doses, and therefore, considered safer than Valium. But it might at times cause an opposite effect. When used to treat aggressive dogs, it might turn out to increase aggression in some cases.

There are natural alternatives for pets and that should be tried on pets first and if it doesn’t work then the master can think of treating the animal with these drugs. Purchasing Xanax online is usually safe and effective and when consumed brings a calming effect on the pet.

Uses of Xanax in pets

Alprazolam has various uses and effects on dogs and cats. Most of all the various treating problems Xanax is associated with are: stimulating appetite, aggression, panic, phobia for thunder and storms and all types of anxiety which are general and separation anxiety. And also used as a muscle relaxant and to treat depression and irritable bowel syndrome. Even though Xanax was designed for human use it is widely prescribed by vets because of its effectiveness and safety.

Xanax Dosage for pets

This drug is supposed to be a prescription medicine and should not be given for pets without a doctor’s advice. The acknowledged dosages for pets include:

  • For small size dogs: For every six to twelve hours, 0.005-0.045 mg/lb. orally
  • For medium size dogs: For every six to twelve hours, 1-2 mg/lb. orally

Masters should never exceed the daily dose limit of 4 mg for any dog, whatever their weight may be. There are different amounts of Xanax dosage for pets with regards to what we are treating them for.

The lists of Xanax doses to treat common problems in pets:

Phobias / night walking (mg/lb.)


Separation anxiety (mg/lb.) General anxiety


Thunder or Storm Anxiety (mg/lb.)
Dose levels 0.005-0.045 0.12-0.9 0.005-0.045 0.01-0.18
Time or intervals Every six to twelve hours Thrice daily Thrice daily Every 4 hours as per requirement
Type Orally Orally Orally Orally

But with the usage of Xanax, the pet’s eyes have to be checked regularly and any yellow coloration in the eye will have to be reported immediately to vet as it is essentially a sign of liver damage.  The side effects that can be caused by this drug are Loss of coordination, Increase in appetite, drowsiness and tired feeling. CNS and liver problems are reported very rarely.

Precautionary measures to take while using Xanax in pets

Precautionary measures include, it should never be used on animals with hypersensitivity, muscular weakness, and glaucoma and liver problems as it may induce Xanax reactions in pets. Hence before treating any animal with Xanax, it should be checked thoroughly with the vet and other medications taken by the animal have to be reported as there are chances for drug interactions.

06 Jul

Can use of Xanax induce paradoxical reactions? How to manage this?

Xanax and paradoxical reactions

women with paradoxical reactionsIt’s a torment for those who are bound to take medications that your medicine can have paradoxical effects. Xanax is one of those drugs which have been in controversy for the fact that it can lead to rage and aggression while it is meant to calm a person down.

The medicine may not work oppositely on all but there are cases when it can do so, including a diseased condition of the person taking the dose. One thing that is yet seeking attention is: Can use of Xanax cause paradoxical effects?

Does Xanax really induce paradoxical reactions?

When an individual is prescribed to purchase Xanax pills and consume the drug, he has to be attentive about how it works, what side effects it can produce and how harmful it may prove to you. As cases have revealed, the drug can lead to abnormal behavior by an individual which is totally contradicting its purpose. The medications high dosage can turn a person into an aggressive human. Want to know the extent?

A man who has never raised his voice can get to the level where he tries to destroy his belongings recklessly (normally observed behavior of people with abnormal anger). A mind is an essential tool a man needs when he leaves home. A peaceful mind is a home for ideas. If you are stressed or feel anxiety, you have to be cured. Xanax comes to solve that for you but you may want to wait and check again what your mind demands.

In some cases, it can cause irritability, sleeplessness, and hallucinations too. Though this clearly suggests that Xanax has contradicting effects but results are still kept as rare. Complete studies have indicated that people who showed such effects had other mental disorders or were taking some other pill which could contribute for such reactions.

Managing paradoxical reactions induced by Xanax

To manage the effects, doctors suggest either to stop consuming the Xanax pill immediately or slowly reduce the dosage. People facing a mental condition can be highly affected by the intake. High dosage of xanax should also be avoided to reduce the chances of hallucinations. It is also an addictive drug, so it is advised to use the pill in lower dosages.

To avoid the condition, it is advised to strictly follow a psychologist’s guidance. If a person without any pre-stress disorder faces paradoxical effects, they may consult the doctor. It is also seen that the side effects can arise at the start period of the treatment and then vanish as the treatment continues. To manage it, one must try to keep calm and follow the professional instruction.

Is it safe to use Xanax despite its potential to induce paradoxical reactions?

A drug is the greatest discovery any man can make. But a boon can become a bane if not used wisely. Usage of a Xanax pill can be very dangerous if not taken properly and it can have adverse effects on an individual’s health. The drug sometimes can induce paradoxical effects and that can really put one’s health on the line. It is advised that the usage of the drug should be kept to a minimum.