Accepted payment options offer different payment methods for all of our customers in order to make it easy for the purchasers to pay the amount for an order placement.

Following payment methods are accepted while you placed an order with our online pharmacy

  • E-check
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • BitCoin

Above you can see a lot of payment methods provided by our online pharmacy. So it implies that you can choose any one of the payment options. It is a must to choose any payment method to complete the order process.

Notes: In some situations, you might be restricted to utilizing VISA credit cards. In those circumstances, we will ask you to choose any other mode of payment options.

Even you can choose Cash on Delivery payment method from the listed options. Although this payment is applicable only to few customers. Customers those who are located near to our online pharmacy can make utilize of this payment method. It is required to pay the amount for the delivery package only by cash instead of none other payment options yet we do not accept it.

Choosing A Payment Option

After filling up your shipping details, you will be required to choose the payment mode at the checkout page. When you click on the E-check option, you would be redirected to some other page where this payment mode can be done. It takes only a few minutes to complete this process. By choosing this option, you can lessen the risk of writing checks. Some details required to fill out while preferring this mode of payment and such details are Bank number, Bank name, and Bank routing number. Your cash will be debited directly from the check amount.

We kept all those information safely and not disclose to any third-party vendors at any cost. You need not get worried about giving your details to this online pharmacy.

Make sure to provide accurate information on the E-check billing. Suppose if you provide incorrect details, then your payment transaction will not process. In the same way, you have to give exact details when you make utilize of any other payment option as well.

In case of any queries related to the payment methods, you can contact our customer support team as they would assist in ordering Xanax online.

All of our clients would find convenient purchase experience by making use of these payment options. Any details that you have provided to our website about a card or your personal information would not exposure from our website. It is required to sign out from your account while you are leaving our website after purchase is being done. These are possibilities that anybody may misuse your details offered to us. Reach our customer care representative as they will explain the safety parts that you need to follow in securing your account page. Those instruction guidelines are simple to follow by each and every one.

In future, we are going to bring some other payment options such as Western Union and Internet Banking. As of now, we are working on these two payment methods. Within few months we bring it live on this website. We hope it will be highly beneficial for peoples those who prefer western union and internet banking. All of our payment methods are safe and secure for the clients.