30 days Return policy

We user can get a complete refund for their purchase if the request is claimed as per our return terms and policy. One of the primary condition of our policy is that our user has to return or claim request within 30 days of product delivery.

Refund with deduction

The user can return the product back to us under the following condition. Which will include a deduction from their amount? The returned pills will be verified by our team members.

  • If any pill is used or opened
  • If the drug package is damaged
  • The user proof and the delivery slip is missing
  • If any damage has occurred during the return of the product
  • If the package has tampered
  • If the damage is more intense and if a number of pills are being used the product will not be taken for return.

Exceptions to return policy

If any damage is detected in your received package it should be reported within 2 days of delivery.

If you receive the product as open box, it should not be returned. If the package outer covering is damaged you cannot return the product. If the inner med strips are opened or seem opened or used then kindly contact us.

The return is not accepted for the following criteria

  • If the user is not satisfied with the manufacturer of the product.
  • If a certain number of pills is used by the user and decided to return the package.

Return shipping

Only if a wrong package or a damaged package they can claim for the return shipping of the package. Unless this the user by themselves should return the product back to our dispatching unit address mentioned in the package.

Process of return

Any person feels to return the product back to us shall contact us through our contact form or emails. Our team will respond to you through email or phone calls. The return you are proceeding should satisfy the above norms. And the reshipment should be done within 30 days.

Cancellation of your order

You can also cancel the order prior to delivery. Under such condition, the user should contact us. They can contact through email and contact form. If the status of your package is within the location then you can claim to cancel your order easily. If the product is not left from the hands of our team member then you can easily cancel and get the refund for your product the complete refund will be done with 10 to 12 business days.

If the order is canceled after the package has left our team members then the user will receive the refund for the product excluding the reshipment charge to us.

All the status of your product such as reshipment, refund of the package, the percentage of deduction of your refund, cancellation of the product will be updated in your registered mail. If any doubts raised in claiming the complaint you can reach our customer support team immediately.